Jay Chou concert & other sweet stuff.

Okay, so I had the most amazing weekend ever. Okay.. Maybe not EVER, but it was pretty damn awesome. It started with Jay’s concert on Thursday, December 18th, 2008. Ahh, this isn’t a date I’ll be forgetting anytime soon… I was SO uberly excited for it. Check out the signs I made for me and my sisters! They’re pretty tiny, but the last thing I wanted was crazy Jay fans chucking stuff at us…

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I love life!

Mmmmm life has been good these days! With exams over, I can finally do the things I wanna do without being so pressed for time :D Anyway, I’ll backtrack a week or so. I think I had more face time with Jacky than I had with all my accounting texts combined… Haha. I had to finally say goodbye to Guelph… D:

“Last supper” with Jacky & Sitto at Sombat, an amazing Thai restaurant I’ll be missing dearly D: So dreamy… This is not PS-enhanced, I swear! :)

…He’s just in love with the photographer (me)… HAHA.

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D.C. trip and more!

I am so sick of this layout! But anyway, it’s almost been a month since I’ve last updated – time flies! This entry is gonna be somewhat image heavy… Brace yourselves, you 56-kers (do you guys even exist!?)… So, my D.C. trip was fantastic! Well, a bit on the rushed side, so I didn’t get to do as much sight-seeing as I had hoped. But it was rewarding nonetheless. Met a lot of great people and was able to put my stalking skills to the test (okay, we were SO close to the G-20 leaders!)…

Caitlin & I. I uploaded the majority of my (better) photos on Facebook.

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Comme des Garçons… plus other failage!

I’ve always wanted to be a blood donor. Ok, that sounded a bit twisted but you know what I mean. So, the other day Jacky and I visited a blood donation clinic since it was both on our bucket lists. Total failage. Jacky had been in the Dominican Republic earlier in the year, and he was supposed to wait a year until he could donate blood. As for me… Wow.

He thinks he’s so cool.

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A new beginning!

So, it’s been about half a year since I even created this blog. Ever since high school, it’s been a goal of mine to design my own blog and update it once in a while. Only using a template right now, but I’ll definitely come up with something once I get my hands on PS3.

Gah, ever since I came back from Taiwan, I feel like I haven’t really done much! School’s been my major battle ground since it’s my first time juggling six courses. I’ve been job-hunting. I’ve basically been doing everything typical of a 19-year old student. But I wanna do more…

Aside from that, I’m still teaching art on Saturdays :) I was talking to my dad the other day, and he was telling me how life is interesting. I used to be a student at CHELP, but now I teach there. I love my job, if I was given the opportunity to work more I’d take it! My sister’s been volunteering with me, and she’s been of great help so far.

Speaking about work, I’m thinking about being a holiday helper at Sephora this Christmas break. I definitely need some cash before exchange, and I think it’d be a good chance to make some quick bucks before flying off to Hong Kong.

Hmmm, right, I also met someone special :) You know who you are. Going for dinner and then the movies tomorrow. Zack & Miri Makes a Porno? Sounds interesting to say the least… Can’t wait!