So, I’ve been back just a little over two months now! After tying up loose ends at work, I made a quick stop to Budapest, Hungary as a final destination before heading home. I considered doing a mini Eastern European trip, but I didn’t want to break the bank just quite yet. Looking back, I think I made the right decision.. Though on those nostalgic days, I tend to dwell a little too much on missed opportunities… Oh well, such is life.

This post will be image-free as it’s just going to be a quick update on my life ever since settling back in. Times have changed.. A year ago today, I would have been reading a book on the train on my way to school. On weekends, I’d visit Jacky in the Alps or meet him at the airport for a trip outside the country.

Now, I’m driving to work every day, doing a job that I love. Driving. I know, for 99% of Canadians, driving is like breathing. But for me, getting behind the wheel is/was petrifying. But now that I’ve got a job (oh yea, I got a job! More on that later) and it requires a lot of traveling, I’ve been forcing myself to get on the road and.. I am not so afraid anymore! I actually didn’t/don’t get it at all.. I’m pretty brave when it comes to “adventure” activities (i.e. shark cage diving, roller coasters, being in the vicinity of dangerous animals etc), but I just couldn’t bring myself to drive!!! Well, hopefully that’s all in the past now! :)

Anyway, about the job..! I feel pretty grateful since it didn’t take me so long to get something.. The job’s not sports-related, but I’m working on a marketing project for a client and a cause I care deeply about, so all the same. Perhaps in the near future I’ll be able to take on a sports client, but for now I am really happy.

Oh and I’ve been running too! Another surprise.. I am probably the most unfit person you know (which is weird, given the fact that I’m really into watching pro sports). It’s always been in my bucket list to run a marathon (I know I know.. it’s just one of those things you write, ok!!), but I’ve been training for the past month and a half. I started off not being able to run more than 2 minutes without stopping (told you), but now I am capable of running 15.5k!! Yay! I’m doing my first official race next week (5k), then moving up to a  10k in May, a half marathon in October, and maybe.. just maybe.. a full marathon next year!!!

One of my initial motivations for running was to lose weight, but now it’s become much more than that. I’m really proud of myself :) I have lost a bit of weight in the process (whilst watching what I eat a littleeee more carefully), and I’m hoping that with more exercise and healthier eating, I’ll be able to meet my target weight of 110lbs. :)

Phew, got a bit long-winded there.. Still really behind in all my travel posts too. Stay tuned folks!!!!

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