This entry is exactly three months too late…. sigh. Actually four, but oh well. In November, I visited Strasbourg, France, or better known as the capital of Christmas, due to their Christmas market festivities as well as its world-famous trees and decorations (Run on sentence much? Oh well). Jacky had visited the city before with his school (not during Christmas though), and from my research, it seemed like a really nice place to travel to. And what better than to make a trip during the most wonderful time of the year?

When I first heard of the city “Strasbourg”, I thought it was in Germany because of.. well, it’s Germanic name. I  was really surprised to learn that it’s actually a French city, but the name makes sense since it’s right on the border of the two countries. Because of the Christmas attractions, the train ride was discounted at about 75 SFr round trip. The train ride takes less than 4 hours one way from Lausanne (with 1-2 transfers), so if you have the energy, you could make it a day trip from a Swiss city.. which is what I did. But I’m a fast traveler (did I already blog about my 20 minute stay in Liechtenstein??), so if you want to feel more.. relaxed.. then stay a few days!

The first thing I noticed was the unique architecture. I found the “structure” quite standard (from my noob observations), but the fact that they have a pinkish undertone was really eye-catching to me

I can imagine the city being absolutely beautiful in the spring, with the flowers blossoming from the trees..

I’m not sure what types of flowers these are, but they really resemble Japanese cherry blossoms!

The one downside of traveling by yourself is the fact that it’s totally awkward to eat at nice restaurants without company. At least for me..

By the time I visited in late November, there was little sunlight. It was sorta cloudy so I couldn’t get the clear, vibrant pictures I wanted.

Christmas trees all around town :)

Candy apples o___o Looks so juicy but probably too sweet for my liking :S

At the Christmas markets, there were a lot of handmade ornaments on sale. When/if I start my own family, I’m definitely going to put up a tree every year and decorate it like crazy!

As lovely as they were, I didn’t spend so much time at the markets. I found them quite similar to the ones I saw in Basel for Herbstmesse, and later on, at the markets in Tallinn and Copenhagen come December. I actually spent a bit of time at Louis Vuitton and made my first (and definitely not the last) purchase at the store.  It’s weird, I’ve never been into luxury brands until recently. I think that’s fine, as long as one doesn’t blow ALL their money on one thing.. right? Well, even if they did, it’s none of my business anyway – as long as it doesn’t affect me. I’ll make a post on my winter purchases soon!

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