Last November, I trained to Lucerne for a day trip.. Well, more like a half day or quarter day trip.

Typically, tourists visiting Switzerland stop by either Lucerne and Interlaken for a picturesque stay in the country. While Lucerne is no doubt breath-taking, I don’t find it all that spectacular compared to lesser visited towns like Vevey, Montreux, Nyon, etc. As a visitor, if you’re arriving from the French-speaking side, I would recommend just sticking to the Lake Geneva region – it is a lot closer (transport in Switzerland isn’t cheap) and is just as beautiful. Albeit gorgeous, Lucerne is quite touristy and doesn’t feel as authentic to me.

Lake Lucerne

A few tugboats by the boardwalk – This area is probably even more gorgeous in the spring/summer

Looks like a less colourful Copenhagen

What makes the town stand out is most definitely the iconic Chapel Bridge

Obsessed with photographing swans and ducks!!

Wide angle view of the lake and Chapel Bridge

I honestly spent little to no time in the city.. Hence the few photos and descriptions. I contemplated visiting the¬†Swiss Museum of Transport but didn’t end up going. I really just wanted to drop by and see what the fuss is all about – no harm done, I had the time and it was free for me anyway. But honestly though, after living in Switzerland for over a year, Lucerne just wasn’t all that impressive to me.

To me, Montreux is just as gorgeous, and living in Lausanne, I didn’t have to venture quite as far. To tourists, it might be outstanding, but I think to the Swiss (and people who live there long term), it is just as remarkable as everywhere else. Switzerland is home to stunning beauty, and in my opinion, Lucerne and Interlaken are no better than any other town. If you ever decide to visit the country, try looking into smaller, lesser known areas – believe me, you won’t be disappointed!!

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