April 22, 2012 – Barcelona vs. Real Madrid
As Jacky and I are huge Barca fans, we were extremely excited when one of Jacky’s students were able to get us tickets to one of the most coveted matches in all of football. Not only that, but in Barcelona too – one of my fave cities in Europe. This was my 4th or 5th time in Barcelona, and probably Jacky’s 6th. We love the city so much. Food is great.. so is the weather too. Well, every single I went except for this time around (super unlucky)

Jacky and the Barca team bus :D

Jacky really wanted to get a Barca/Real Madrid match scarf but we realized the rivalry between the two teams is too “serious” for that..

Everyone got roses!! I dunno if it’s cuz it was a special event or something else happened that day.. But so sweeet <3

We look alright now, but it was POURING that day. We were soaked the entire match.. the stadium had no roof too, so I was really really miserable. Sigh

The stadium atmosphere was AMAZING. If only I knew Spanish, I’d cheer along with the crowd

Me with the Barca roses & Barca corn chips :D

Jacky reading the instructions on our fan signs.. You were supposed to raise them during the anthem and whenever we scored. We were soo excited to be a part of the mosaic!!

During the anthem… AH-FREAKIN-MAZING!!

We basically flew to Barcelona JUST for the match. We got in on the day of and then left the day after. I think the tickets were 100EUR each? Something like that.. So our trip wasn’t cheap, but it was sooo worth it omg. Even if the outcome was… not so ideal haha. We’d both do it again hands down :D

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