Study in Switzerland: January field trips!

I love my program. I love how outside of class, the school organizes fun trips for us :D We’re exactly one month in, but we’ve already been out twice – first to the Ouchy Curling Centre and the other to the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale). They were both SO MUCH FUN!! Never in my life would I imagine myself curling or cycling.. But the school gave us the opportunity to try both!

Curling was meant to be a team-building exercise. And boyyy was it -.- I think most people have negative views on curling (myself included), but actually giving it a try really changed my perspective. I have to admit it’s not the most… interesting spectator sport (Edward and I watched it at the Vancouver Olympics and weren’t impressed), but it is actually really fun to play. They make it look soo easy on TV but it is actually crazy tricky. It doesn’t help that none of us knew of the rules prior to playing LOL. We were all so clueless!

The sport of curling has Scottish origins and is played with “stones” (pictured below)

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Switzerland in 2012!!

I’ll be living in Switzerland next year!!
Photo credits to my boyfriend :)

Alright, let’s backtrack a bit. Basically, my dream is to work for the Canadian Olympic Committee. As you probably know, I’m crazy about all things Olympics. Unfortunately, it is extremely competitive to work for the COC, so I thought it would be a good investment to pursue a postgraduate degree in sports management in preparation for it.

With that said, I’m very happy to say that I’ll be a candidate for the Master of Advanced Studies in Sport Administration and Technology (MSA) at AISTS in Lausanne, Switzerland. The organization is founded by the International Olympic Committee, so with hard work and the future connections I’ll make at school, hopefully that will pave the way to my future with the COC. The AISTS Master’s programme is only one year long, and it includes 7 months in the classroom and a mandatory 8 week internship. Living in Switzerland is going to be crazy expensive, so I’ll be living at Jacky’s school in Leysin and commuting to school every day. Now, all I need to do is figure out what I’ll be doing from September-December! Woohoo :)

Wake me up when September ends…

Sorry, I know I’m not very creative with the blog titles. But it’s either that or “Untitled”, and I’d rather NOT settle for the latter.

Wow, it’s been almost a month since I’ve last blogged. I knew I was gonna be busy… but it’s only 3 weeks into school and I’m exhausted. But happy. Stressed to tears, but satisfied. I think most people in Schulich feel the same way – they’d rather be stressed albeit productive than bored and not doing much.

School’s alright. I’m taking a full course load, but it’s not so bad. I actually want to be in class for a change, and it’s refreshing. I almost forgot what it’s like to enjoy school. I’m taking advanced Chinese, but my Chinese is relatively poor compared to my classmates :( That means I have to try extra hard to get the A… But I love challenges :)

With school and work taking up most of my time, my life feels pretty boring sometimes. I miss the exchange days when I could do almost whatever I want, whenever I want with little consequences. So in an attempt to make my life more “colorful”, I’ve been trying to do as much as I can outside of school/work.

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