Bumming around in Bangkok

July 23  – 27, 2011

After Vietnam, the three of us flew to Thailand to meet up with Sitto. We were super grateful because he let us stay with him that week :D His girlfriend Alice was also visiting him that week so we got to meet her too :) Jacky and I had been to Bangkok before, so we didn’t do any sightseeing this time around. It was refreshing because we could finally… relax! We could sleep in, go wherever, whenever we wanted. It was a lot of fun. Here are some of the highlights :D

On our first night, we went to see a the grand opening of the Thailand VS Challenger muay thai competition. It was interesting, but I lost interest after.. the first 30 mins? I’m not really into fighting sports :S

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Blockbuster haul!

As many of you may know already, Blockbuster is closing down in Canada :( But lucky for us movie fanatics, they have a huuuuge closing sale to get rid of everything. The sale started today, and all their merchandise is 50-70% off. I visited the Dundas location in Mississauga, and this is what it came down to after a 1.5 hr hunt:

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Life in Changchun: May & June haul!!!

Seriously, these kinds of posts are necessary every month or so :) When Jacky came to visit me earlier this month, he brought a lottttt of stuff for me, including….

One of the latest Lomo cameras I’ve always wanted to buy but never did.. The Sprocket Rocket!! Jacky helped me get it in Hong Kong ’cause it’s cheaper there :) 695 HKD versus 695 RMB in China…. Yeah right.

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Life in Changchun: Living like a degenerate (it’s pretty good)

Eating, sleeping and shopping. That has been my routine for the past three or so weeks. It wouldn’t be so sad if it weren’t for the fact that in actuality, it’s eating (take out), sleeping (in), and shopping (online). I’ve essentially been a degenerate for the past month, but all that is about to change.

At first, it was all about saving money. Last month, I decided on a whim that I’d fly Jacky over to visit me in May. That meant I’d have to save money these couple of months so that when he arrives, we’ll have money to travel and shop.

That was the case, until I discovered…. Taobao. It’s like, the best thing that’s happened to me in a long while. It’s basically a huge online market similar to eBay, except it’s not limited to an auction. Anything you want to buy, you can find it on Taobao. Variety is great, and shipping is extremely cheap… Usually just 10-15 RMB ($1-2 CAD) per item, and it arrives within a week. Last night, I bought 7 tops and a bag for about $40 CAD. Life is good!! Haha.. With that said, time to show off my April haul :) Woohoo!

Gems and charms for decorating cell phones!!! So cute and cheap. I got these on campus, before I discovered that there’s a far better selection on Taobao…

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