South Korea: a long overdue post!

With Maggie, Jack, Vicky, Amanda & Mike… We went for 6 days and 5 nights… Met up with Kelly on the second day. It was so fun! We had lots of good food, yum yum :D

Day 1 – Dongdaemun, street food & Cold Stone!

On the first day, it was just me, Jack & Maggie :) Jack & I with our chicken skewers.

At Cold Stone, we picked a random song from a basket and the guys who made our ice cream sang for us ^^

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HK Exchange: February dose of vanity

My nails at the moment.

Just a simple French manicure. I have two job interviews this week… Any other nail design would have been career suicide. I was gonna make a tutorial for it, but then I thought it’d be pointless. French manicures are a basic skill…. right? Like applying mascara and French braiding. I don’t really understand why some girls spend $30+ getting a French manicure at the salon. IMO, such a waste of money… and half the time, it comes out just about the same as if I were to DIY it.

I’m vain.

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